Metal Roof Finishing Chicago IL
Metal Roof Finishing Chicago IL

Cover Up Scrapes, Scuffs and Scratches with Our Metal Roof Finishing for Chicago IL

Metal makes excellent roofing material for sheds, schools, churches, plants and other industrial buildings due to the item’s durability. Thanks to this quality, a good metal roof can last anywhere from forty to seventy years. However, weather and rust can wear on the material over time, causing it to lose its appeal eventually. When this happens, you can count on a professional contractor to recoat the surface, so it shines like new! At All-Tech Decorating, we offer reliable metal roof finishing for Chicago IL, applying air-dry systems to match the color and quality of factory finishes. See below to learn more about our unique offerings!

About Our Services

Our services for metal roof finishing in Chicago IL are designed with careful attention to each client’s needs. When you work with us, we consider the atmospheric conditions specific to your site and tailor our solutions based on our findings. From there, we apply quality coating solutions that not only protect but also lengthen the lifespan of your roof. These options are as follows:

  • PVDF Air-Dry Applications
  • FEVE Air-Dry Applications
  • Epoxy/Urethane Coating Systems
  • Clear Coat Applications
  • Complex Surface Preparation & Unique Rigging
  • Metallic and Mica Coating System
Metal Roof Finishing Chicago IL

Contact the All-Tech Team

Each of the above services is available on a national level through the help of our traveling workforce. Our team also offers several other industrial coating services as well as commercial finishing for hotels, offices, healthcare facilities and more! To talk to one of our team members about any of our offerings or learn more about our metal roof finishing in Chicago IL, call (630) 378-0003 or contact us through our online form. Also, our Chicago office is located at 318 W. Adams Suite 1910 Chicago, IL 60606.