Tapers Meeting

February 13, 2018 | By: Jessica Helmer

We held a 3-hour “Tapers Only Meeting” in the Hastings Center.

We had discussions and demonstrations with application boxes, a bazooka, stilts, pumps, a vacuum sander, and a HEPA vac. The first photo is of taper Matt Vazquez enthusiastically demonstrating a special sponge head to use on the vacuum sander to make it perform higher quality work.

We also talked about the results of the recent personal air monitoring Brittany performed on two tapers that were pole and hand sanding for several hours

OSHA requires contractors to conduct personal air monitoring for operations that may generate harmful amounts of silica dust or respirable dusts in general. We purposely chose a day when the tapers had several hours of sanding to do so we could sample for as much of a “worst case scenario” as possible. We are pleased to report that the levels of silica dust were well below OSHA limits. The second photo is taper Jesse Hernandez sanding at with the air sampling pump on his waist.

On the safety side, we reviewed the major hazards and control measures for tapers: fall protection, guardrails, open holes, slips/trips/falls, rolling scaffold use, ladder use, proper inspection of the worksite, electrical safety, and ergonomics/materials handling.