Indianapolis Safety Reward Program

May 25, 2017 | By: ATD

PROUD of ATD’S Winning Safety Culture:
2016 Excellence in Safety Award - ASA Chicago (Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates)
2014 Excellence in Safety Award - ASA Chicago (Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates)
2013 & 2012 Safety Award - ASA Chicago
2014 & 2012 CREST Award Finalist – FCA (Finishing Contractors Association International)
2013 CREST Award Winner - FCA
2012 Chairman’s Award for Safety - FCA
"Committed to Excellence"
Our mission is to provide unparalleled value in the painting industry, driven by Safety, Exceptional Customer Service, Quality Craftsmanship and Environmental Responsibility.


ATD Stands Up For Safety: Fall Protection (PFAS)

May 12, 2017 | By: ATD

Attention ATD employees,

Today was the last week of ATD’s Stand-Up for Safety (OSHA Fall Protection Stand Down themed). We have reached a total of 165 workers on 41 jobs, plus an additional 18 employees from our ATD shop!!!

Approximately 84% of the field (165 out of 197 workers) were able to witness this week’s extended safety brief on the biggest cause for accidents/deaths in construction. Thank you to everyone who presented and participated this week! We hope to reach 100% of the field in the future!

As always, stay safe!

Our New Strapped Hard Hats

June 8, 2016 | By: ATD

Our new strapped hard hats exclusively for our swing stage crews appear to be a hit early-on. The guys so far have indicated they enjoy wearing them. Note how the hard hat stays secure on the head, and note the operable vent (one on both sides) to improve cooling and air circulation on hot days.