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IARC Building Repairs

Asphalt Plant- Hot Mix

Loring Park; Chicago, IL

111 Wacker

Orbus; Woodridge, IL
Asphalt Plant- Hot Mix  
The hot mix asphalt plant has planned shutdowns that require extensive maintenance on the steel components including abrasive blasting and coating work. ATD was hired to install an economical high temperature coating system to steel which had been severally corroded over the years. Specific components were abrasive blasted and coated with a high build single component primer resistant to thermal shock and thermal cycling in dramatically varying conditions. The heat resistant highly engineered silicone resin topcoat system is capable of thermal cycling upwards of 1200º F without discoloring at high temperatures. • Client: Curran Contracting
• Contract Value: $25,000
• Completion Date: May 2014