Happy New Year

January 8, 2018 | By: ATD

ATD Attending Open House

November 27, 2017 | By: ATD

Friday, November 17th was a great day for ATD. Painters District Council 14 held an open house at their apprentice school in Berkeley, Illinois.

The school was packed with aspiring potential new apprentices and dignitaries including management from the “Mart” McCormack Place as well as many officials from DC 14 ( John Spiros .. Dennis Roach ) to name a few.

Our team of ATD elite included Brittany Ekena, Craig Gluszek, Ken Bergloff, Tony Nugent, Marty Spizzirri and myself. Mike Krawiec ( director of Apprenticeship) showed us around and gave us a tour of their confined space set ups. Dennis Roach brought us to various stations such as the spray booths including virtual abrasive, Drywall finishing and wallcovering. This visit was important for ATD as all top tier Union officials were there, students were there and ATD was the ONLY contractor there to support this worthwhile event. Another example of ATD being a leader in the industry and moving forward towards “WORLD CLASS” stature.


Safety Alert! Swing Fall

November 1, 2017 | By: ATD

This week’s safety alert is focused on Swing Fall

A swing fall hazard occurs when a worker is working outside of their anchorage point safe zone (when the anchorage is not positioned directly overhead). When the worker is outside of this zone, the “pendulum effect” can occur. This effect will cause the worker to swing when they fall, and possibly strike objects during the process. Serious injuries or death can occur if the fallen worker strikes hard enough.

Safety Alert- Swing Fall